Built for it: The Stronghold Factory

Stronghold has seen a couple of homes over the years, but none as fitting as our current Wetherill Park location. Our spacious, purpose-fitted workshop has been designed to maximise efficiency whilst allowing for adherence to our strict quality procedures and testing. 

We moved here in 2013, choosing the industrial warehouse for its proximity to the growing residential areas in the west of Sydney. It was also an opportunity to create the most efficient and cost effective layout and workflow for all our steel fabrication work, whether it’s a high tonnage project or a small one off miscellaneous item. It was kind of like Christmas… if Santa was a steel fabricator.



So, what did our list look like?

  • 5 tonne travelling overhead gantry crane
  • 5 dedicated welding bays, each with the latest technology MIG welding machines
  • 2 fully-automatic bandsaws with a cutting capacity up to 800mm sections and pack cutting
  • Brobo saws
  • Punch & Shears
  • Drill Presses
  • State of the art open face spray booth; for Zinc Phosphate primers

With all these tools at our disposal, Stronghold is capable of completing almost any structural steel fabrication project you could think of. We also have Oxy Fuel and Plasma Cutting equipment at our disposal, which means we supply any shape, thickness and quantity. From 3mm to 300mm thick, complex one-off designs or bulk orders – we will make it, easy.



Oxy Fuel Cutting (known as Oxy Cutting) uses a combination of fuel gases and oxygen to cut metals with ease and makes it possible to produce almost any shape.

Plasma Cutting is a plasma torch that blows an inert gas at high speeds through an electrical arc, turning some of the gas into plasma which provides the means for cutting. This form of cutting delivers cleaner vertical cuts particularly with complex cutting needs for steel thicknesses up to 25mm.


But just because a company says they can deliver, doesn’t mean it’s going to be a good job – right? Well, that’s what we think.

So, every project that comes through our enormous door follows a pre-set, non-negotiable route throughout the workshop; maintaining strict quality checks at the end of each process before moving onto the next step.


We also have documented welding procedures, and our residential steel fabricators are tested and certified on a yearly basis by an external company, guaranteeing that our team remains compliant with the relevant welding procedures. This ensures all requirements are adhered to, giving you peace of mind that your fabricated structure will stand the test of time.

Full certification and copies of our welding procedures can be supplied on request. If your chosen residential steel fabricators in Sydney can’t supply these, you will likely find that their fabrication work does not comply with current Australian standards.


If you’d like to come down and check out the factory, just give us a call!

Why steel is the best for residential builds
What our Customers say

“Frantom Building has been in the custom building market in NSW for 15 years. We have worked with Scott and his team from Stronghold Fabrications in all aspects with steel, from design, shop drawings, and delivery. Their attention to detail has been proven in the perfection of the finish in their products and servicing ability. We look forward to moving into the future with Stronghold Fabrications.”

Ed Poulton Director Frantom Building Pty Ltd

“Just wanted to thank you for another awesome job. The steel you supplied for our home at Lilli Pilli went together perfectly and the 3D model was a great tool for us to use both during the install and for planning the final finishes on the project. Keep up the great work!”

Dave, Nitro Stainless Pty Ltd

“Thank you for another successful and efficient project completed by your team. Consistently well produced steel products from Stronghold Fabrications have ensured installation always goes smoothly on our projects. Your installers ability to work in with our teams onsite to ensure any site issues do not cause delays is a refreshing change. Thank you.”

Nicholas Klapsogiannis, General Manager, VantageCorp Pty Ltd