The most common problems faced by builders


Construction sites today are one of the most complex environments human beings encounter. From the multitude of trades on site, to the endless list of variables and extenuating circumstances that can affect the completion date. The successful completion of a construction project on time and on budget is something to behold. Of course, completing a project on time and on budget isn’t impossible, it just requires years of experience, a positive attitude, a group of experts, a watertight plan and the communication skills of an army to coordinate.

We are firm believers that success for our clients is success for Stronghold. That’s why we have put together a list of the most common problems faced by builders, and how best to solve them.

1. Skilled Trades

We said it before – a business is only as good as its suppliers. Sourcing quality trades to help you deliver your projects is one of the greatest challenges a builder can face. The best way to ensure your sub-contractors are loyal, honest and hard-working is to be the same. By building a strong relationship with your sub-contractors, they will work with you for years to come.

If you are struggling to find a good sub-contractor to begin with, a good tip is to ask your suppliers. Often, they will have the inside scoop on the who’s who of your local industry.

2. Coordination of trades

So, you’ve got a phone full of great subs, they’ve committed to the project, but you just can’t get your ducks lined up in a row? The great thing about most phones today are the many apps and tools that can help you to schedule and organise your workforce. From straightforward ‘post-it’ note style boards to more serious and succinct project management.

Stronghold has been helping our clients to successfully deliver projects on time and on budget for years. By engaging our team early on to help with the planning, prefabrication and installation of your project. It is often said that a business is only as good their suppliers and we believe this to be true of construction too.

3. Lack of Communication

Keeping everyone informed of where the project is up to, key milestones and setbacks is crucial for the success of any project. As many builders grow their business they soon find themselves playing the role of communications expert more than any other. Once again, the advent of technology is your biggest ally. Empowering your project team to coordinate and communicate amongst themselves will relieve you of some stress, however, it is important that you can still manage the output. Group chat applications can help with the small back and forth chats, unclogging your email. For bigger picture stuff, consider this when choosing a project management tool.

4. Reliable Suppliers

Reliable suppliers that provide quality products are integral to any business, however, a construction site is particularly sensitive to this. A late or low-quality delivery can cause a bottle neck in the entire schedule, pushing back completion dates by days or even weeks. Key to maintaining good suppliers is good communication. If the communication loop is strong then both parties know what is going on, what is coming up and whether everyone is happy.

As a supplier to residential and commercial builders all over the Greater Sydney region, Stronghold has built a reputation on the back of timely delivery and quality steel products. We believe in forming long-term partnerships with our customers to help them deliver successful projects on time and on budget. To see how Stronghold can help you deliver your next project, contact our team today.

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What our Customers say

“Frantom Building has been in the custom building market in NSW for 15 years. We have worked with Scott and his team from Stronghold Fabrications in all aspects with steel, from design, shop drawings, and delivery. Their attention to detail has been proven in the perfection of the finish in their products and servicing ability. We look forward to moving into the future with Stronghold Fabrications.”

Ed Poulton Director Frantom Building Pty Ltd

“Just wanted to thank you for another awesome job. The steel you supplied for our home at Lilli Pilli went together perfectly and the 3D model was a great tool for us to use both during the install and for planning the final finishes on the project. Keep up the great work!”

Dave, Nitro Stainless Pty Ltd

“Thank you for another successful and efficient project completed by your team. Consistently well produced steel products from Stronghold Fabrications have ensured installation always goes smoothly on our projects. Your installers ability to work in with our teams onsite to ensure any site issues do not cause delays is a refreshing change. Thank you.”

Nicholas Klapsogiannis, General Manager, VantageCorp Pty Ltd