Plate Profiling

Plate Profiling

Stronghold utilise Oxy Fuel and Plasma Cutting equipment to supply a full plate profiling service from 3mm to 300mm in thickness. Our team can turn around bulk orders and bespoke pieces whatever the shape, thickness or quantity.

  • Road plates
  • Concrete expansion joint plates
  • Cleats
  • Brackets
  • Base plates
  • Box trailer floors
  • Almost any shape

What is Oxy Fuel Cutting?

Oxy Fuel Cutting (known as Oxy Cutting) uses a combination of fuel gases and oxygen to cut metals with ease.


What is Plasma Cutting?

Plasma Cutting is a plasma torch that blows an inert gas at high speeds through an electrical arc, turning the gas into plasma which cuts the steel. This form of cutting delivers cleaner vertical cuts particularly with complex cutting needs for steel thicknesses up to 25mm.

Plate Profiling
What our Customers say

“Frantom Building has been in the custom building market in NSW for 15 years. We have worked with Scott and his team from Stronghold Fabrications in all aspects with steel, from design, shop drawings, and delivery. Their attention to detail has been proven in the perfection of the finish in their products and servicing ability. We look forward to moving into the future with Stronghold Fabrications.”

Ed Poulton Director Frantom Building Pty Ltd

“Just wanted to thank you for another awesome job. The steel you supplied for our home at Lilli Pilli went together perfectly and the 3D model was a great tool for us to use both during the install and for planning the final finishes on the project. Keep up the great work!”

Dave, Nitro Stainless Pty Ltd

“Thank you for another successful and efficient project completed by your team. Consistently well produced steel products from Stronghold Fabrications have ensured installation always goes smoothly on our projects. Your installers ability to work in with our teams onsite to ensure any site issues do not cause delays is a refreshing change. Thank you.”

Nicholas Klapsogiannis, General Manager, VantageCorp Pty Ltd